Feeling stuck in a life that is out of balance with your views and values? Take stock of your life with this coaching tool.


Taking Stock Of Your Life

"I don't know.." Bikash said.

"I don't know where I'm going. I feel adrift, rudderless, totally out of control..." he continued.

"Do you know where you are?" I asked.

"What do you mean?"

"What's going on in your life now? Have you taken stock lately?"

"You mean, like at work?"

"No. I mean in your Life. Work is definitely a big part of it, but just a part nonetheless...Are you clear about where you are in other areas of your life - such as health, finances, family and relationships, emotional and spiritual well-being, contribution to society....", I continued.

He fell silent. He realised that a big part of the reason for feeling adrift and stagnant, was the fact that he had neglected much of what mattered to him. Besides work.

Bikash is not an exception by any means. It is not unusual for people who are highly successful in their careers (what else is there?) to suddenly feel lost, stuck, adrift - to feel that they have no clue as to where they are, or where they are going.

It's like they have lost the GPS signal.

Feeling Lost

That can be scary. I know. A couple of years ago, my wife and I, were driving along a winding and deserted forest road. Suddenly we found that we had lost both our mobile and GPS signals. Without the familiar and comforting blue dot on the navigation screen, we had no clue where we were. And to raise the stakes, we were coming to a fork in the road...

Life often brings us to forks where we have to choose

That's when most people realise they are lost - when they encounter that fork in the road of life, and suddenly find themselves clueless as to where they are...

We were lucky - my wife saw a goat herd coming down a mountain track and we waited until he reached us. We asked him for directions (she did! i'm too cool to ask for directions!) and after expressing our deepest gratitude to this saviour who emerged from nowhere, we went about our way. With an interesting story that comes in handy at times like this...

It must seem to my clients, (I sometimes think) that I'm that goatherd. That I know the turn they are supposed to take next. But they're wrong. I'm as clueless about their path ahead, as they are.

But I know one thing. That they would know what turn they are supposed to take - if only they knew where they currently were. If their GPS signal came alive again,,,

The GPS of Human Life

It's funny. You would think that your destination (where you want to go) determines your direction. Sure it does. And if your vision is lofty enough (like a prominent mountain peak or something else that stands out in the landscape), you could move in the general direction. That's indeed the power of vision.

A lofty vision gives a good sense of direction; and where no prior path exists, that is all you have to navigate with.

But this post is not about Vision...

And the landscape of our life is more hilly terrain than flat plain. More bumpy and winding trails than smooth and straight roads. And that's where your Vision (the destination), your Plan (the map showing trails that take you toward your destination) and your awareness of where you now are (that blue dot on your GPS navigator) are all required to move you ahead.

Fortunately, for us humans, our GPS doesn't depend on connectivity with some distant satellite thousands of kilometres away. We can find where we are by looking closely at the markers that are all around us - in ourselves, our families, our friends, in society...

Navigating The Wheel Of Life

Coaches use a brilliant tool known as the Wheel Of Life to help clients figure out where they are. It's a fairly simple exercise - you draw a wheel with 8 - 12 spokes. And each spoke represents an area of life that the client considers significant.

The Wheel Of Life

While what clients choose as significant is unique to them, some of the most common areas of life that people choose are career (usually the first to be written down), family (or spouse/significant other, children, parents separately) or relationships, health, mental and emotional well-being, social connect (or friends), contribution (or Legacy), spiritual growth etc..

Going through the exercise, especially guided by an experienced coach who asks questions that encourage greater "in"sight, Clients find that they are able to "position" themselves - that they have greater clarity on what their "here-and-now" is.

For a simple tool, the Wheel of Life generates fairly powerful insights. For instance, Bikash discovered that it was his low level of engagement with several important areas of his life, relationships in particular, that was behind his feeling of being lost..

Any attempt to move forward toward his future, without addressing this hole in his present, was doomed to failure...and a constant source of stress and psychic pain.

This was also the experience of several other clients that I have worked with. To have a decent chance of moving forward, one needs to start with where they currently are.

The Wheel Of Life is one such tool. However, even when details are provided, it is difficult to get the most out of it, without working with someone trained to help you along. If you are working without any professional help, there is something simpler...

The LifeScore™ assessment

My mentor and best-selling author Michael Hyatt has taken this concept and converted it to an assessment covering 10 life areas organised in 3 circles : The Circle Of Being, The Circle Of Relating and the Circle Of Doing.

You answer a series of questions (pertaining to the 10 areas) choosing your current reality in each area, using a well crafted scale of your current status in that area.

Upon completion, you receive a simple one page report showing your performance in each of the 10 areas and your overall LifeScore.

The instrument also assigns a zone for each domain of your life, telling you what level you are operating at, in in that area. Depending on your score, you may find that you are operating in the Zone of Struggle, Zone of Frustration, Zone of Success or Zone of Transformation. This also applies to your overall LifeScore.

The LifeScore™ is a very simple and instinctual assessment, that you can complete in very little time (it should take between 3-5 minutes for most people). It allows you to take stock of your life, as it is "now", which we have seen is critical to figuring your path to the future you desire.

Best of all, it is FREE (for now).

You can take the LifeScore Assessment here. If the website is inaccessible when you access it(the instrument is undergoing some further updating), leave your email and you will receive an alert when it is ready

Click here to take stock of your life and determine your LifeScore : narayankamath.me/lifescore

I had taken this assessment last year, and took it again a few days ago. I've made significant progress in most areas, and in my next email I will share some insights from my journey. In the meantime, I suggest you take the assessment yourself by clicking here.

Unleash Your True Potential 
Narayan Kamath

PS: If you take the assessment and share your score with me, I am happy to share some further resources on how you can use it to make 2018 your best year. But first Discover Your LifeScore by taking the LifeScore™ Assessment.

PPS: I am working with Michael Hyatt to bring you something special that will help you make 2018 your Best Year Ever. Stay tuned for details. In the meantime, determine your LifeScore here.

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