How To Use STARS To Smash Your Interviews

The STARS Technique is a very useful framework to describe your most significant achievements in a succinct yet impactful way. Here's how you can use it to ace your interview questions.


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"Tell me about your most significant achievement at your last job." 

X was a brilliant engineer. After his graduation from one of India's premier engineering colleges, he rose quickly up the corporate ladder and was promoted to Team Lead within 2 years. Now, he was being approached by a rival company for a managerial position. After being shortlisted, he attended a technical interview which he aced. Now, he was at the penultimate stage - the HR Interview - where the HR Manager had posed the above question to him. 

"Um... I got a lot of praise from my boss for completing an important project on schedule, " X replied.

The rest of the interview went downhill after that. Both parties left the meeting feeling frustrated. The HR Manager was disappointed that X had not answered the questions well and X was disappointed that he was unable to convince the HR Manager that he had the disposition for a managerial position despite his limited experience. Needless to say, X did not get an offer from that company. 

The stress of an interview can rattle even the best of us. Fortunately, the STARS Technique can help us reduce some of the anxiety by providing a framework for answering questions well. By framing your answers using the STARS technique before an interview, you will be able to give brief but detailed answers that will hit the nail on the head. 

Thus, by mastering the STARS Technique, you will be able to confidently answer any question and make sure you cover all the points. Be sure to try this technique out in your upcoming interviews.


Questions for Reflection

Are there specific 'topics'/'areas' where the STARS Technique is best applied?

how would you differentiate between 'situation' and 'task'? 

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