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Interview Preparation Package


Let’s Help You Crush Your Job Interviews And Land Your Dream Job

Interview Preparation is key to perform at your very best in job interviews and attract the right kind of offers. Work with us to overcome your fears, tackle very tough questions and perform effectively in job interviews to improve your chances of landing your dream job



What's Included

Onboarding Call

To better understand your requirements and current situation,  customise the program and answer any initial questions you might have

Mock Interview Session

Depending on the organisation and role you are applying for, we will design and conduct a mock interview (60 minutes) on Skype that covers the most typical and challenging questions that you are likely to be asked. This session will be recorded for you to review in conjunction with my feedback

Interview Feedback Session

We will provide you detailed feedback on your performance, highlighting areas where you can do better, helping you come up with more effective answers to the most important questions, and answering any questions you might have

Interview Preparation Guidance

Besides the specific feedback on your performance in the mock interview, we will provide you additional guidance based on our experience of conducting nearly a hundred senior level interviews, and coaching senior executives and professionals to perform better in job interviews

Preferential Pricing On Any Related Service

If you would like additional help on any career related service (eg Resume / LinkedIn Optimisation, Job Search Strategy Package, 12 Week Unleash Your Career Plan, Customised Career Coaching Plans etc), you will be eligible for discounts of upto 30%