Make these 7 changes to your LinkedIn profile immediately to help you with your job search

Don't underestimate the importance of LinkedIn for your job search. Making these 7 changes will help you expand on the opportunities for your job search. 


LinkedIn isn't just a professional networking site but is steadily gaining popularity as a job portal for recruiters and candidates alike. Thus the humble LinkedIn profile has evolved into a digital resume that can make or break your candidature. 

A poorly set-up and maintained LinkedIn account may prevent recruiters from reaching out and gives off the impression that you are not interested in networking with thought leaders / like-minded peers online. To polish your profile and put your best (digital) foot forward, we recommend you make these changes immediately:

1. Privacy Settings

Do ensure that your privacy settings allow not just your 1st degree connections but also those in the 2nd and 3rd degree to view your profile and your contact details for the best chances. This allows a wider circle of people to get in touch with you if they find your profile interesting or relevant.

2. Custom URLs

Custom URLs aren't just cool to look at but also show that you are interested in branding yourself right. Other than customizing your profile URL, you should also consider customizing the other links you include in your profile as it lends a more professional and aesthetically clean look. 

3. Profile Picture

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of a good profile picture on your LinkedIn profile. Instead of making do with selfies or former Facebook profile pictures, take a well-lit picture of yourself in business formals, standing against a light-colored, solid background. If done right, it will transform the look of your profile immediately. 

4. Headline

If your headline is something along the lines of " [Designation] at [Organization]", your profile is not as effective at attracting recruiters. You can change this by reflecting the essence of your professional career and interests in the headline. It is akin to the personal brand statement that we suggest you include in your paper resume. 

5. Profile Summary

The best way to write a profile summary is to write it in the first person format. Don't write more than 5-6 lines and definitely don't forget to list your skills at the end of the summary as well. This will boost your rankings in targeted searches performed by recruiters. 

6. Testimonials & Endorsements

Never underestimate the power of a strong testimonial and powerful endorsement. Having a large number of endorsements and a handful of testimonials (especially from influential individuals) can tip the scales in your favor. Reach out to former colleagues, supervisors and managers for help with these. 

7. Activity on LinkedIn

Your level of activity on LinkedIn is an indication of how invested you are in building your brand. Those who are interested in cultivating a strong and professional image for themselves contribute to discussions, write thought-pieces, and use the site to keep up with industry trends. 

With recruitment activities increasingly going online, it's high time that the modern job seeker invests as much in their online profiles as they do on their resumes. Leveraging LinkedIn effectively can help many a job seeker open the door to new opportunities and professional relationships that can take them a step closer to their career aspirations. 

Questions for Reflection

How have you leveraged LinkedIn for your job search?

Which other social media networks have helped you in your job search? 

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