Friday Features


Friday Features

A Quote I'm Resonating With...


Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those you hold well.

- Josh Billings

Career Management Feature

If you want to unleash your true potential at work, you have to avoid these 5 career derailers. 

Leadership Development Feature

Ineffective leaders can damage teams and organizations beyond repair. This article talks about the impact of poor leadership. 

Video Feature

This 5 minute long video is all the motivation you need to survive the end of the week and find out the secret to success. How badly do you want to succeed? 

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Chaitra K

With a background in Literature and Psychology, and an MBA in Human Resources Management, Chaitra is responsible for the design and production of NKoach’s courses, workshops and corporate training programs. Her mission is to help people discover their passion and become better versions of themselves.

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