Don’t forget to do these four things to bond with your team if you are a remote worker

Many remote workers tend to feel like outsiders or misfits in a team or organization. However, by doing these four things, you can have the best of both worlds - working from the comfort of your home while enjoying a solid relationship with your team members.


Whether you are a remote worker sitting in a different location compared to the rest of your team or a WFH-er who doesn't have to report to office daily unlike your peers, chances are you might have felt like a misfit or an outsider. Being in close physical proximity to your team members allows employees to build strong, solid work relationships with each other - something that remote workers often miss out on. However these 4 steps can help you establish a bond of camaraderie with your team members without stepping foot into office.

1. Don't talk about work all the time

To establish a relationship with your colleagues, you need to talk about interests beyond your work for e.g. a mutual love for reality TV shows or hobbies you have in common. Just remember to keep the topics appropriate. 

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2. Make the most of the technology we have

Opt for video calls during your next online team meeting. By encouraging everyone to switch on their video cameras and see each other, you get to talk to them as if you were there in person. 

3. Sign Up for your Office Newsletter

If your organization has a weekly / monthly newsletter, sign up for updates. This will help you stay in the loop about exciting news and events happening in your organization, including internal issues that the public might not be privy to yet.

4. Leverage the Power of Social Media

Most organizations have some form of social media presence. Follow their activity to get regular updates on all the social events in your workplace. By doing this, you also get more fodder for your non-work conversations with your colleagues. 

With these four steps, remote workers can establish a stronger working relationship with their colleagues and enjoy the resulting camaraderie without being physically present. Now that's called having your cake and eating it too. 

Questions for Reflection

What tips do you have for remote workers? 

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