Fired from your job? Do these 6 things to help you land a new and better job in record time.

Instead of panicking or lashing out upon hearing that you are fired, use these tips to land yourself a better job in record time.


The loss of a job is often accompanied by emotions of betrayal, panic or anger, depending on an individual's situation. During this time of uncertainty, our emotions can lead us away from our goal of landing a new and better job. We have identified six steps new job-seekers must take in order to get employed in record time. 

1. Don't burn bridges at your former organization

As far as possible, one must try to leave his/her job on good terms. While it is natural to feel angry and mistrustful of your former colleagues and managers, it is crucial to remain polite and civil in all your interactions with them. Your decision to burn bridges could come back you, if not now, then in the future. Don't just leave. Leave a positive impression as well by reaching out to all your stakeholders and thanking them for their role and contribution in your professional development.

2. Do some soul searching

The silver lining of being unemployed is the opportunity of seeking a new role. Therefore take your new-found free time to carefully identify all the things you loved and hated about your old job. This will help you refine your job search and focus your efforts only on roles / opportunities that are of interest to you. 

3. Optimize your Resume (and LinkedIn Profile)

As someone who was until recently employed, chances are, your resume hasn't seen the light of the day for quite some time. Therefore, you should invest some time in polishing your resume and profiles on other job sites in order to give yourself the best possible chance. 

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4. Spread the Word

A common mistake that job seekers do is that they don't inform their network about their job search. This doesn't mean that one has to update their LinkedIn status to "Seeking A Job" or spam everybody with their resume. Instead, identify strategic people in your network who can help you get in touch with recruiters / hiring managers in organizations that you wish to work for. 

5. Re-skill and up-skill

Some people might have lost jobs because their skills were irrelevant and outdated. Others because of organizational restructuring, staffing budgets, economic conditions, automation, etc. Whatever the reason is, it won't hurt your cause if you invest some time in picking up new skills that can help you perform your job better. Use the free time to do courses and certifications - both online and offline. While online courses have the benefit of setting your own pace, offline courses allow you to meet people with similar career interests and background as yours which is great for your network.

6. Prepare your pitch

One question you can certainly expect at your interview, especially if you have been unemployed for more than a few months, is the reason for the loss of employment. You shouldn't lie and say you resigned. ( A background check may reveal the truth!) Nor should your narrative place the blame squarely on the organization. Instead prepare a story that includes the truth but doesn't portray you in a negative light. Preparing this beforehand will allow you to convey and communicate this more confidently and clearly in interviews. 

There is no proven method to effectively deal with the stress, guilt, anger, anxiety and fears that accompany the loss of a job. However these steps will ensure that you stay on track and don't take your eyes off from the prize - a new & better job opportunity!

Questions for Reflection

Have you ever been fired or laid off from a job? How did you deal with it?

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