Coach ALL – Process

The Coach ALL Process comprises 6 steps - Connect, Contract, Check, Co-create, Close and Confirm


  • Get to know each other, assess coachability and chemistry, experience coaching, understand coaching process and engagement structure and commercials
  • You will have all the information you need to take a decision on whether you would like to sign up with us


  • Clarify Goals, Develop Vision and Check Alignment With Values
  • You will have clarity on what you want, why it is important and the assurance that it is in harmony with your values


  • Assess Current Reality, Identify Resources and Barriers
  • You will be clear on where you currently stand, the skills and resources you need, barriers and blocks that can slow you down


  • Work together to chart your course, strategize your actions, upgrade your skills, optimize your environment and master your psychology, keep you focused on your goals, and hold you accountable to your commitments
  • You will start making progress towards your desired results


  • Confirm that desired results have been achieved in terms of Achievement, Learning and Living
  • You will take stock of material outcomes, new skills learnt and capacities built, and changed life perspectives


  • After some time (typically 6 months) reassess and confirm that the results persist
  • You will get assurance that the change you underwent is sustainable

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