Unleash Your True Potential

What is your biggest challenge?

Are you unable to cope with whatever life is throwing at you?

Is your career not moving at the pace and direction you want?

Do you wish that you could be the leader that people willingly follow?

Is your life out of balance or not in tune with your values?

Unless you got here by accident, you are already successful and committed to even greater success and fulfillment - at work and in life.

However, you sense that something is keeping you from unleashing your true potential, achieving your goals and experiencing balance and fulfillment in life.

Why are you here?

Our Executive Coach and Mentors help committed people like you Unleash Your True Potential, and achieve greater success and fulfillment - at work and in life. This requires you to Unleash Your Potential in 3 areas


Learn to focus & be more productive to create the margin needed to pursue a life aligned with your principles and values.


Unleash Your         CAREER

Take full responsibility for your career, and manage it strategically to achieve your goals, and derive great satisfaction from your work.


Manage effectively & achieve the goals of the business consistently by inspiring and empowering your people.

Here are three things we want you to know

Firstly, you are not alone!

Secondly, we've been there too!

Thirdly, we can help!

Have you experienced the magic of coaching?

We have helped several leaders in small and big companies in being more focused and productive, navigating critical career transitions , becoming effective managers and inspirational leaders. We can help you too. You can engage with us in the following ways

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We coach and mentor individuals in being more focused and productive, navigating critical career transitions, becoming better managers and inspirational leaders. We offer standard and custom Coaching Packages to suit your needs and budget.

Get Your Company To Engage Our Services

We work with CEOs, Senior Executives and Business Owners  of small and large companies in the areas of Top Team Alignment, Managing Leadership Transitions and Developing High Potential Leaders.

Our clients include


“It has been quite a fulfilling journey since the coaching engagement started. In this relatively short period, NKoach has helped me find the clarity around what I really want in my career. It has helped me to plan better, brainstorm different options and convert my visions into actionable goals. I would recommend this to others.”

Sr. Program Manager
“Narayan and I have been colleagues and more recently I have also benefited from engaging him as a coach through NKoach. I find him a great listener, who asks very relevant questions and then takes the time to synthesize your inputs and play it back to you in a succinct manner; this helps your own thinking and brings clarity to goals! He is not only a competent leader and coach but also an outstanding individual, who you can rely on to provide quality advice and support.”
Products BD Manager

“The session I had with NKoach was an eye opener. It not only gave me great insights into my own personality traits, but also brought out areas of improvement which I could work on through a structured process to improve my leadership skills. The Principal Coach, Narayan, has a natural flair to coach and I am sure anybody who wants to improve and is ready to share his/her concerns would benefit.”

Team Lead

“Narayan's broad knowledge base and theme based coaching style were very impressive. He asks the right questions which really makes you to think harder. His systematic approach and friendly voice compliments his coaching style.”

Lead Scrum

About Narayan Kamath

My mission is to make a positive and significant impact in the lives of at least 100,000 people by 2020 - by helping them unleash their true potential to achieve greater success and fulfilment - at work, and in life.

I am a Certified Executive Coach, a Psychometric Analyst and a 360 Assessor.I have over 26 years of functional and general management experience in small and large companies, mostly in the energy sector. I have worked in and led, small and large teams in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Philippines and Thailand

Narayan Kamath

Principal Coach, NKoach LLP

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